by Dr. Pankaj Kaul August 26, 2019

Mental Health, According To World Health Organization Is "A State Of Well-Being In Which The Individual Realizes His Or Her Own Abilities, Can Cope With The Normal Stresses Of Life, Can Work Productively And Fruitfully,...Read More

Stress and Obesity

by Dr. Pankaj Kaul Nov 09, 2019.

Do you know why it’s getting harder and harder for you to lose weight inspite of doing heavy physical workouts and strictly controlled diet; which is leading you to humiliation, isolation,Read More

Stress Good Or Bad

by Dr. Pankaj Kaul Jan 02, 2020

When the word stress comes in our mind we always relate it to the negative reasons but there are some normal reasons & some good reasons also where we can feel the stress which are: before marriage, Read More

Stress and Beauty

by Dr. Pankaj Kaul March 23, 2020

Now days there are so many beauty products coming up in the market. Do you know why there is a need of these beauty products? You must be unaware of the fact that stress is a major cause of more than 90% of the health problems....Read More

Stress and Sexual Problems

by Dr. Pankaj Kaul March 23, 2020

Making love plays an important role in our lives. It gives immense pleasure if you enjoy your sexual life. But if you feel incapable of making love properly, it can give you despair and disappointment and even you can go into depression ....Read More

Fight against Corona Virus with Homeopathy

by Dr. Pankaj Kaul March 24, 2020

Homeoprophylaxis: Use of Homeopathic medicines as a preventive against infectious diseases.There is a history that if there was any outbreak in the past of any infectious disease, our Masters Veteran Homeopaths used to select...Read More